It´s no secret that the Costa del Sol is famous for it´s incredible scenery including its magical Mediterranean coastline, picturesque golf courses and magnificent mountain range. However..have you ever seen it from the sky?..

Teléferico Benalmadena

Enjoy spectacular panoramic views of the Costa del Sol including Gibraltar, the African Coast and Sierra Nevada from the famous Benalmadena cable car. The Monte Calamorro is the highest height measuring 800 metres above sea level. There are even birds of prey exhibitions and tours of differing viewpoints. Make sure to have your camera on you as these views are breath-taking, and even more so, on a clear day.

Mijas Miradors

Within the perimeters of the beautiful Muralla Gardens, you can find viewpoints providing guests with fantastic views of the coastline. Feel like you´re suspended in air as you look over the vast green landscape that meets the sparkling Mediterranean. Take some change with you and experience a more detailed view in the coin operated binoculars.

The Peak Of La Concha Mountain

Measuring at 1200m, The Concha mountain is the highest in and around the Marbella area. There are two ways to get there, one starting from Istan which is shorter in length but is said to be steeper and more demanding than that starting from El Refugio de Juanar. Remember to pack the main essentials including sun protection, a fully charged mobile phone and comfortable footwear. The journey might be difficult but the views from the top are well worth any struggles you may encounter on the way!

Hot Air Balloon Ride

The Costa del Sol is fast becoming one of the most popular destinations for hot air ballooning. The combination of stunning scenery and mild climate make it a superb spot to enjoy a bird´s eye view of the coast and Andalucia. This activity is also ideal for events such as birthday celebrations, team-building, corporate events, weddings and special gifts.


Blissfully glide between the clouds and indulge in the incredible surrounding landscape. Malaga, in particular is very well known for the activity as it´s geographical and climatological characteristics, are classified as an ideal flying site. Although, slow in pace, it´s definitely not a sport for the faint-hearted!

Have you ever taken part in any of these activities? What did you think?